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Gender Pay Gap

Eyre & Elliston Limited is an independent electrical wholesale distributor with 61 strategically located branches across the UK.


Under the Equity Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, Eyre & Elliston Limited is required to publish gender pay gap information on an annual basis.

Pay and Bonus Gap

45.3% of male employees and 20.8% of female employees received a bonus payment.

The proportion of male and females in each pay quartile:

Understanding our Pay Gap

All employees are paid the same hourly rate regardless of their gender.

Salaries are awarded within a pay range for the role, depending on skills, experience and qualifications. Gender is irrelevant to our decision on pay.

Eyre & Elliston Limited appreciates the importance of having a diverse workforce and the benefit of recruiting, developing and retaining employees. We are therefore committed to providing equal opportunities and flexibility for all our employees. The calculations above highlight that there are clearly more male employees within the Company. The structure and nature of the business results in an increased proportion of females within the two middle quartiles taking roles within departments such as credit control and central support functions. The majority of male employees are in sale / commercial roles resulting in a higher proportion of male employees receiving a bonus.

Eyre and Elliston will continue to monitor the pay gap calculations for the benefit of all.

I can confirm the data provided is accurate and meets the statutory requirement for Gender Pay reporting.

R.P Cosgrove

Financial Director

Eyre & Elliston