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Spray Booth Filter Paper

Binks Disposable Spray Booth Filter Paper


Binks have been producing the best disposable spray booth filters for 50 years. Their superior design has established Binks as the market leading producer around the world. 

The filter range includes Basic, Eco, Standard. and Super-Efficient Filter.

Filter Construction Binks disposable filters consist of two pieces of heavy kraft,100% recycled paper, which is manufactured to the highest technical standard. The accordion style structure, is not only glued, but stapled together during the manufacturing process, to provide additional strength and rigidity, no other filter manufacturer offers this type of construction. Binks Filters feature a unique expansion strap on the rear that ensures the correct spacing of 8 corrugations to every running foot (30.4cm) importantly this guarantees optimum and superior spray booth filtering performance. The large air openings in the filter allow high volumes of air to be exhausted without loss of efficiency as the media “loads”, resulting in a much longer working life than other systems. 


Binks Filters can be used on any liquid overspray in the General Finishing Industry. 


5 Technical Measurements 

Porosity Gurley – Measures the air permeability of paper, evaluates its porous nature. An increase in the refining process usually results in a less porous sheet. Porosity Gurley range is 5 - 1800s/100mL. BINKS Filters are 30-35s/100mL, an extremely low reading, optimised by the sizing. 

Cobb Value - indicates whether paper board has the ability to absorb water, low value being best, average Kraft Liner has a reading of 115 & White Top Liner readings are 111. However BINKS filter paper provides readings of 60 & 100 respectively, much lower. Moisture Reel - measures the remaining water content of the finished paper, ranges 2%-25%, BINKS filter has a low reel of 7.5-8%, critically 1% of extra moisture means 8% less compression strength. 

Wax Pick -Evaluation of surface strength on paperboard, has a scale of 2- 23, BINKS paper (16) has no need to rely on wax pick rating, as our exceptional strength and rigidity is provided by our unique stapled construction, all competition relies on the bonding of the gluing process. 

Burst Pressure - measures the bursting strength of paper, important when forming the filters folds, because it prevents any probability of surface rupture on the filter face, avoiding potential access and saturation of its inner fibres. BINKS paper quality makes a difference, as our supplier guarantees high burst pressures of 500-550 kPa for our standard 250-280g/m² paper.

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